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We were founded on the demand for excellent web services, and superior visual content. Each business, brand, and personality needs and deserves a beautiful website. The process of your website development shouldn’t be a headache, it should function with ease, and be as robust as the business it represents! Avoid the hassle of slow downs and obstacles, work with the experts and get the job done right.

Our Story


Having started on freelance and piece work, the core team of CleverHorseMedia knew it was time to build Vancouver Island’s best digital agency. After simply listening to our previous clients, there is a clear pattern. Prior to working with us, clients share the same struggles in most cases: Anything related to digital services or websites becomes complicated. They didn’t like their current websites. They didn’t leverage the online tools that are available to them. The process has become daunting in most cases. Part of our vision is having each and every client enjoy the process of improving your web and digital media strategy. 

Reliable & Secure

Expect only the best service when working with CleverHorseMedia. The websites we manage are secure, live, and backed up at all times. Expect a 99.9% + up time.


High Quality

Our stunning websites operate at lightning speeds, and work across screens of all sizes. Our attention to visuals elevates your website above the competition. 


We aim to deliver our work  fast, while exceeding the expectations our clients set. Let us handle your digital services, so you can stay focused on what you do best.

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