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Choosing the right agency can be tough, but with our upfront approach and focus on simplicity we make it an easy choice. We do it right, we do it fast. We match the passion behind your business or brand in our efforts to complete each project with maximum client satisfaction.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a new website cost?

The cost of each project greatly depends on the needs of our client, we always gather as much information to accurately price each project. 

Make sure to connect with us to discuss pricing options


I already have a website, do I really need a new one?

We stand behind the platform we use to build websites, and highly recommend clients with outdated websites to consider new websites from packages we offer. 

What type of businesses do you work with?

We accept clients in many areas: B2B, B2C, and Non-Profit

how are websites built?

Your new website will be built on WordPress by our team of specialists.

Can I edit the website myself?

With basic computer skills, yes! Most bundles include a demo and tutorial where a member of our team will walk you or your team through the website. This includes demonstrating making small changes on the front-end designer. 

How will i be billed?

We send our invoices at the end of each month, with semi-annual payment plans available with a discount. Receipts sent out when payments are received. 

We accept most major credit cards, certified check, cash, or e-transfer.


What services do you offer?

Make sure to check out our SERVICES page

Can you improve our branding?

Simply put, YES! Most of our clients excel in the areas of work and life that suites them, in most cases this excludes digital services! Let us bring some new light to your existing business, and elevate your brand. 

How does the process work start to end?

We gather necessary information about the project by listening to you and your needs. Then we form an organized plan to complete the project on time, on budget. Finally, we design and deliver your product! 

Once you reach out to us, it doesn’t take long at all to begin our work. 


Where are you located?

We are located in Nanimo, BC. We primarily serve Vancouver Island, but are happy to work with clients abroad. 

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